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Can Your Video Advertisement Reduce Everyone to Tears?

22 Avr 2015 

Remember Tears for Fears? They had it right: everybody wants to rule the world.

tears for fears

When you set out to create a video advertisement, you want its influence to span the globe. The best way to accomplish that feat is to leverage something that is universal: like emotion.

Brands that elevate themselves up from the level of simply providing a service, to the heralded plateau of being a facilitator of emotion are the brands most likely to succeed in the global online community.

In the past, the challenge was establishing a genuine human connection with only a 30-second video spot. But online, viewers have "leisure time" in the emergent channels (social timelines, Whatsapp-style group messaging, etc.) to consume content that is much longer in length.

In this blog post, we're going to take a look at an advertisement from Google that utilizes this extra available time effectively in order to shoot straight for the heart of the viewer to bring forth the tears.

Google's "Dear Sophie" Ad Will Break You

Interestingly enough, 'Tears for Fears' is a reference to one of the core principals American psychologist and psychotherapist Arthur Janov, who advocates a 'tears instead of fears' approach to dealing with (childhood) trauma.

Google's 'Dear Sophie' video is only dealing with the consumer's fear of the unknown, but their approach is similar: break you down to build you up. Check it out:

(If you don't have time to view the advertisement, it basically features a man emailing "into the future" his newborn daughter using Google's services.)

"Dear Sophie" comes from BBH New York Google Creative Labs. It has over ten million views, and about two seconds into the video you feel why--in your heart. It will get to you emotionally.

For that reason and others, it has won multiple advertising awards, including the People's Voice at the 2012 Webby Awards.

The advertisement is about 1:30 in length--three times the length of the traditional 30-second slot--but it sustains the viewer's attention just fine because in part the viewer is probably just browsing the web looking for something to watch.

The Big Takeaway: You Have Time to Tell a Story So Tell One

Notice how "Dear Sophie" is not really about any one service in particular. In simply telling a story, Google succeeds in advertising all of their services--a lifestyle, even. A lifestyle of love.

It sounds somewhat cheesy, but ten million views isn't cheesy at all.

To sum everything up: the short story format of a couple minutes is made possible by the extra "leisure time" available online.

Depending on the context, there are no rules. (I once watched an online B2C video advertisement that was over an hour long. I don't even know how long it actually was because I stopped watching!)

Generally, however, most people agree that anywhere from 2-7 minutes is an appropriate range for the short story format.

In the next blog post, we're going to continue looking at "leisure time" advertising. Taking full advantage of the time available is one aspect, but taking full advantage of the context itself is another, and perhaps more important.

Mike TylerMike Tyler CEO of War Room ranked #1 in online Digital Advertising and reporting. Are you looking for more Video Advertising tips? Check out the Video Advertising Guru

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Quick Tips for Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy [Infographic]

20 Avr 2015 

Since Instagram was introduced in October 2010, users have shared more than 30 billion photos. So, what can you do to make your content stand out among the Instagram crowd?

Here are some tips from the following Salesforce infographic.

Post quality photos regularly. The key word is quality. "Followers may be less likely to interact if the photos aren't great quality," states Salesforce.

Types of photos include sneak previews of upcoming products or events, and employees. Also, "write clear and engaging descriptions that reflect and enforce your brand's message," suggests Salesforce.

Also, don't forget to engage with followers. Comment on relevant posts and repost user-generated content. "But don't overdo it," warns Salesforce. "Stick to significant posts, so you don't look like a robot."

buying instagram followers

To learn more about creating an Instagram strategy, check out the infographic.

Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Don't worry ... it's FREE!

Veronica Maria Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs.

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

Social King Maker

American Teens' Favorite Social Networks

17 Avr 2015 

Facebook remains the most popular social network among American teens, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted between September 25 and October 9, 2014, among a nationally representative sample of 1,060 teens in the United States age 13-17.

Some 71% of teens surveyed say they use Facebook; Instagram is the second most popular social network (52% use), followed by Snapchat (41%), Twitter (33%), and Google+ (33%).

Facebook is also the most frequently visited platform by American teens, with 41% of them saying it is the social network they engage with most often. Instagram is the second most frequented social network (20% say they visit it most often), followed by Snapchat (11%) and Twitter (6%).

Teens from less-well-off households (annual income less than $50,000) are more likely to say they use Facebook the most: 49% of these teens say they use it most often, compared with 37% of teens from wealthier families (annual income of $50,000 or more).

Teens from more affluent households are more likely to say they use Snapchat most often, with 14% of those from families earning more than $75,000 saying Snapchat is their top site, compared with 7% of those whose families earn less than $30,000 annually.

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Teenage girls are more likely than teenage boys to use visually oriented social networks, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey conducted between September 25 and October 9, 2014, among a nationally representative sample of 1,060 teens in the United States age 13-17.

Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Don't worry ... it's FREE!

Pinterest Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Pinterest Success

15 Avr 2015 
By Lisa D. Jenkins

Published April 7, 2015 Printer-Friendly

social media how toDo you want to learn how to market yourself and your business on Pinterest?

Are you looking for a resource to guide your Pinterest marketing efforts?

instant instagram followers

Whether you're marketing on Pinterest as an individual or as a brand, these expert articles will show you how to build a following, optimize your pins and boards, measure the return on your activities and promote your pins with paid advertising.

Each of these articles will help you understand and master a specific part of marketing on the Pinterest platform.

Build a Board

How to Start a Pinterest Board That Succeeds: Are your prospects on Pinterest? Do you want to start a Pinterest board? When starting on Pinterest, you'll want to fill new boards with quality starter pins. Once you've launched your new boards, it's important to pin more content to them daily. This article shows how to develop Pinterest boards for your business.

guide to pinterest marketing successDiscover a complete guide to Pinterest marketing success.

Optimize Your Pins and Boards

5 Ways to Get Your Pins Noticed on Pinterest: Is Pinterest important to your business? Do you want to get your pins in front of more people? This article shows five ways to get your pins noticed on Pinterest.

Use Pinterest's Tools

Pinterest Interests: What Marketers Need to Know: Do you want to find good content to repin on Pinterest? Finding good content to repin has always been crucial for Pinterest success. The solution is to follow interests on Pinterest. Here's how to find and use Pinterest interests to improve visibility and engagement.

social media examiner pinterest interests articleDiscover how interests can benefit your marketing.

How to Use Pinterest Messages for Marketing: Do you want a new way to engage your Pinterest followers? Have you used Pinterest messages? Pinterest's newest feature lets you communicate directly with your followers via private message. This article explores Pinterest messages and how you can use them to engage your audience.

How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know: Have you heard about Pinterest rich pins and how they can help your marketing? This article shows you how businesses can get more from Pinterest rich pins.

6 Ways to Promote Your Business With Pinterest Places: Do you use Pinterest to promote your business? Have you heard of Pinterest place pins? Whether you have a storefront, products or a travel aspect to your business, consider exploring the geographic elements of Pinterest. In this article you'll learn six ways you can use Pinterest place pins to promote your business or products.

Analyze and Measure Your Pinterest Efforts

The Pinterest Analytics Tool: How to Use It for Business: Are you struggling to measure your Pinterest efforts? The new Pinterest Analytics tool gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website. This article shows how the Pinterest Analytics features help you get the most out of your Pinterest marketing.

social media examiner pinterest analytics articleFollow the metrics that affect your marketing.

4 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing With Analytics: Do you use Pinterest to market your business? Most brands on Pinterest aren't tracking their metrics. The companies that do are finding optimized engagement. This article shares four ways to improve your Pinterest marketing efforts.

4 Pinterest Tools to Grow and Measure Your Pinterest Presence: Do you need help measuring your Pinterest activity? Are you wondering which tools can help you grow your followers on Pinterest? In this article you'll discover four tools to help you analyze and grow your presence on Pinterest.

Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

How to Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed: Have you heard about the Pinterest smart feed and how it impacts your exposure? Are you wondering what it means for your pins? With its smart feed, Pinterest enhanced key features, which means you need to do things differently to make your pins stand out. This article explains the Pinterest smart feed and how to use Pinterest's changes to your advantage.

social media examiner pinterest smart feed articleGain visibility in Pinterest's smart feed.

5 Ways to Take Your Pinterest Marketing to the Next Level: Do you use Pinterest for your business? Most companies open a Pinterest account, pin their content and repin other people's material. While that's a great place to start, it's the bare minimum. In this article are five techniques to improve your Pinterest marketing.

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Improve Your Visibility: Do you know which Pinterest tactics work best today? We asked top social media professionals what they're doing to get results from Pinterest marketing right now. This article shares seven pro tips that can boost your business's Pinterest marketing.

6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand: Have you ignored Pinterest because you think your brand isn't a fit? Every brand has a story to tell and visual content can help you tell it. Sharing your story with Pinterest's engaged and active audience via compelling pictures is a great place to start. In this article you'll see how six brands got creative with Pinterest and gained new followers and engagement.

How to Use Pinterest for Videos, SlideShare and Podcasts: Do you only share images on Pinterest? Would you like to share other content to grow your followers on Pinterest and other social networks? You can also share videos, SlideShare presentations and audio podcasts and extend your exposure, thanks to Pinterest. This article explains how you can use Pinterest to increase exposure for your videos, SlideShares and podcasts.

social media examiner pinterest media pin articleGrow exposure for your YouTube, SlideShare and podcast content on Pinterest.

Grow Your Pinterest Following

6 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers: Have you optimized your Pinterest profile, website and images for maximum exposure? A strong Pinterest community tells others you're a trusted source of information. This article shares six simple ways to quickly increase your number of Pinterest followers.

Understand Pinterest Advertising

How to Use Pinterest Promoted Pins: Do you want a way to give extra exposure to certain pins? You can do just that with promoted pins, Pinterest's answer to advertising. This article explains what promoted pins are and shares tips on how, when and why to use them.

social media examiner pinterest promoted pins articleGet more exposure for important pins.

Offer Contests on Pinterest

How to Run a Pinterest Contest Without Breaking the Rules: Are you aware of Pinterest contest rules and regulations? After many businesses misused the relaxed format, Pinterest revised its contest rules. They now require that contests be easy to enter, spam-free and in alignment with Pinterest branding guidelines. This article explains what you need to know to run successful and compliant Pinterest contests.

To find more tips, tactics and strategies, view a complete library of Pinterest articles.

What do you think? What articles have helped you develop a successful Pinterest marketing presence? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Tags: lisa d jenkins, optimize board, optimize pin, optimize pinterest board, pinterest, pinterest analytics, pinterest following, pinterest guide, pinterest marketing, pinterest messages, pinterest metric, pinterest resource, pinterest tool, promoted pin, rich pin

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Bitly Refreshes Brand for Enhanced Clarity Across Devices

13 Avr 2015 

Bitly recently announced a brand refresh, featuring a new logo, a logo mark and a new tagline. The company that started as a link shortener for Twitter has become a powerful tool that enables marketers and publishers to reach users all over the world.

With a new executive team, Bitly has grown over the last year, working to implement a new vision for the future.

The brand update is part of this evolution. With the introduction of Deep Links, Bitly is shifting its focus to enable marketers to leverage the link as an "omini-channel marketing asset," particularly on mobile.


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Lauren Giansante, Bitly designer and "full force" behind the brand redesign told SocialTimes:

The brand refresh was designed to enhance our legibility across all of our assets and optimize our omni-channel efforts, while reinforcing Bitly as the tool of choice for marketers everywhere. We're excited for this new chapter.

The logo has been refined for a more polished look that renders legibly, even on monitors with low resolution. The new icon pays tribute to the @ symbol, and the heart of conversation on Twitter -- where everything began for Bitly.

The new tagline "The power of the link," underscores the foundation of the Bitly brand. According to the official blog post:

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All of the data we collect and the stories we help tell stem from Bitlinks. They are the core of our business, our bread and butter.

Get more details on the font choices and the future of the digital mascot Chaunchy McPufferson on the Bitly blog.Refresh+Blog+Post_3+2

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